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Casa Caprile Hotel [Capri]
Casa Caprile is located in Anacapri, where Victoria Friedrich von Baden, the wife of king Gustaf of Sweden, lived for almost twenty years. The queen came to Capri on the advice of Axel Munthe, her friend and personal physician, who was convinced of the therapeutic properties of the island's climate. By the end of the 1950's, the villa became a hotel and assumed the name by which it is still known today: "Casa Caprile". Thanks to its special position (the hotel looks southwards and is placed on the hills), from this Villa it is possible to enjoy the sun and a gentle breezes throughout the day.
Casa Caprile Hotel [Capri]

Hotel A' Paziella [Capri] - Your holiday in Capri, just round the corner of the famous "Piazzetta"
Once you get to the port, take the funicular to the little "Piazzetta"(square) and you have arrived at Capri…beautiful, fascinating and unique. Capri is a delightful place where to spend a wonderful holiday or a break from the stress of everydays life. This is also the ideal place for a study period, a business trip, meditation and, why not, an unforgettable night of passion! Here, you can appreciate the peaceful beauty of the famous Faraglioni rocks, peeping through the foliage of the hotel garden.
Hotel A' Paziella [Capri] - Your holiday in Capri, just round the corner of the famous "Piazzetta"

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